• 1/29/17: By-Laws Review Committee Accepting Proposals

  • Members are invited to review the IHSM By-Laws, accessible from a link on the website, and submit suggested revisions to the committee before February 14th. Changes will be presented to the Board at their 2/21 meeting and voted upon by the membership at the April general meeting.

    • Submit at the general membership meeting on 1/31, or submit by email (see below): The following format is required to submit a revision proposal. Forms and copies of By-Laws document will be available at the 1/31 meeting:

    Bylaw Revision/Amendment Proposal Form 2017
    Must be submitted to committee members in person, or emailed to Maureen Moore at: Email with “BYLAWS” in the subject line.

    Title and full text of current Bylaw Article and Section to be amended:

    Text of Section with proposed change(s):

    Submitted by:
    Phone number:
    Email address:
    Only the By-Laws Review Committee will view your contact information.
    Committee members: Richard Barrett, Donna DiLauri, Sally Carter, Katelyn Fitzpatrick, Maureen Moore (Chair)